HamakerBirth-92“God totally led us to Jenny, and we could not be more grateful. When another doula fell through, we started to panic that we were running out of time. I emailed Jenny after many friends in the area recommended her professionally AND personally. From the very first consult, I told James, “She is the best combination of clean and professional, she has it together, but also tender, compassionate and motherly.” I NEEDED this. As a fairly young first time mom, I needed another woman who had been there. And Jenny has. When she walks you through this stuff-it’s from personal experience. I found so much comfort and strength in her. Not only that, but my doctor and nurses RAVED about her, saying she was their top pick for doula services in the area. Jenny has given birth TWICE, with no interventions. She is knowledgeable and educated, her resume and education speaks for itself. I was so nervous leading up to my birth, every meeting I had with Jenny, I left with a peaceful heart. I 100% accomplished my goal of a natural birth, and would not have been able to do it without her. Once I was starting to get into active labor (the part where you have to stop and hang onto the kitchen counter), I told James to call Jenny ASAP. She rushed over, and the second she walked in the door and started to rub my back-OH MY. My pain level went from an 8 to a 3. She showed me different laboring positions, held me while I walked around, challenged me into deeper positions to encourage baby to lower, showed my husband different ways to support me. Then when we got to the hospital, her voice was one of the only ones I heard right when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore.  Our bodies are perfectly and wonderfully made, they were designed to give birth all on their own. Natural childbirth is a profoundly spiritual experience. I became a woman and a mother on the day I gave birth, and Jenny was my guide. Books, classes, blogs prepare your mind-a doula prepares your spirit and body.” – Chloe H., FWB, FL


“It is not often I get to praise a health care provider. I am a Board Certified Internal cropped-Birth-in-bed-foot-massage1.jpgMedicine/Intensive Care Specialist. I have come into contact with many professional caregivers in my career. It is imperative that I make my opinion known to the pregnant families in this area about the dedication and professionalism of Jenny Hernandez. Rather that providing “lip service” that “I will be there for you when you need me…” she went above and beyond the call of duty with my wife and our first child, Baby Sofia. When we called her at 1 AM on Dec 15 she came immediately to the hospital and never left until well after Sofia’s birth ( delivered by her Daddy!). She reassured and relaxed my wife, rarely taking a well-deserved break. Her presence was as essential to the process as it was reassuring to my wife. Superlatives would not do a service to her professional demeanor and expertise as a Doula. I would highly recommend that you engage her services for your birth so the outcome will be as special for you as it was for us.”  – Dr. Alan Lewis Menkes, FWB, FL


“After a very challenging labor and birth of our first child, IIMG_5752 knew I needed more support if I was going to have a natural birth for our second. Jenny offered just that. In fact, from the time we first met, she exuded such a calming peace and sense of strength. I knew I would need a lot of physical support during labor. Jenny’s use of massage and back support gave me the relief I needed to relax and allow my body to labor peacefully. This freed my husband to give me emotional support. She fully supported my needs while giving me helpful suggestions that made the labor more effective and shorter. With her help, this labor was so much shorter than my first. In fact, If it weren’t for her, I think we would have had the baby in the car. My mindset was on the length of my first labor, but she was able to calmly assess the progression of my contractions. Once at the hospital, she worked with the staff to keep me moving and positioned. The hardest part about transiting to the hospital for me is the distraction of the staff’s questions and information. Jenny offered a buffer and helped answer the questions we had previously discussed. If you want to have a natural labor and birth, I highly recommend Jenny. She will give you the support you need to find your strength to relax and focus on the beautiful process of birthing your baby.” – Eimi F., Crestview, FL

“When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we were hoping to have a natural child birth. I had read all the books, but I was still on the fence about weather or not I could actually do it. Since my husband travels a lot for work, we were not able to attend any birthing classes longer than one day, so I definitely didn’t feel as prepared as I could have been. I started looking into doula services in the area and came across Jenny.  I LOVED the fact that she was also a licensed massage therapist and figured that might come in handy during a long labor. My williams family 3husband and I met with her for a consultation, and really loved her personality. She was kind, genuine, and very passionate about being a doula. I was hesitant to spend that much money, but she was worth it and then some (and much cheaper than an epidural)! I went into labor on a Saturday afternoon, and by the time I got to the hospital at 4cm I was already sure I wanted the epidural. Thankfully Jenny arrived shortly thereafter with her doula magic and suggested some different positions, used massage and various essential oils, and worked seamlessly with my husband so he could be an active participant.  We found our groove and I didn’t even consider the epidural at that point. 6 hours later we had a healthy, alert baby boy with no interventions (despite him being sunny side up!) and I had a truly wonderful labor experience. Jenny communicated my needs and wishes to the hospital staff when I was not able to do so, and everyone worked together wonderfully. It honestly went so much better than I was anticipating and I could not have done it without her. I credit her with giving us the labor experience we were hoping for.  She was also fantastic support after the birth with her follow up visits. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, experienced doula to help you achieve your birthing goals.”
 – Shannon W., Santa Rosa Beach, FL


“Coming into this pregnancy I knew I was not going to be able to use any pain medication due my backinjury/surgery. After talking to a faIMG_4547mily counselor about what I expected from this pregnancy she recommended I looked into having a Doula. From the moment I met Jenny I felt really comfortable and knew this would be a great fit for us. She answered all our questions and was very sweet. The biggest thing for me was for my husband to feel comfortable with her, which he did as well. Knowing that Jenny also did massage therapy was a huge plus for me. I suffer from back pain and I knew having someone in the room when I needed her to help me cope through the pain was something I needed to have. Jenny was there for us when we needed her and she knew what steps to take and when to take them. My husband is a great supporter, but, to be honest, this was past his level of expertise. Having Jenny coach both of us was a huge help. Jenny knew our birth plan and she was able to make sure the nurses were aware of what my desires were. She spoke up when she felt we needed more information. Even if we didn’t know it at the time. Towards the end Jenny was right by my side keeping me cool and comfortable. I honestly started freaking out when she left the room for a min to get me cold packs – that’s how bad we needed her and relied on her guidance. Like I mentioned before, Jenny ensured we stuck to our birth plan. Our goal was to go all-natural without any pain medication and, with her encouragement, we did just that. On April 22, 2014 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We were so happy to have him in our arms with the guidance and support of Jenny by our side. I don’t know how we would have been able to cope without a doula. I always tell me friends it was the best decision I could have made for my family. If you are thinking of having a doula, then you probably NEED one. This is not just service you get to have; Jenny was able to prepare us physically and emotionally for what was to come. This was not my first child but I can tell you the experience was 100% different because of my circumstances. I can’t thank Jenny enough for what she did for my family. So once again, thank you, Jenny, for helping us bring a health baby boy into this world.”
  – Claudia M., Navarre, FL        


“Having not been through the birthing process, my wife had us do quite a lot of research, reading and watching of documentaries.  As expected, the “Business of Being Born” led me to believe anything and everything we can do to be as natural as possible would be best.  Not saying we were going to avoid modern medical interventions, but planning for a natural birth was the goal.  However, knowing how my wife and I may interact under the pressure of the moment, securing a 3rd party partner would be the prudent risk mitigation maneuver. Without getting into the details of how we found her, my wife and I engaged Jenny to partner with us in delivering our 1st born.  As expected, she quickly developed a trusting relationship with my wife through regular pre-birth consulting via phone and a few house visits.  These disIMG_5054cussions not only put my wife at ease with our own plan but an understanding of all the variables so that we would not be taken by surprise. As game time was upon us, we checked into the hospital much earlier than planned due to a bleeding concern. The strange newness of the pain put my wife in a uncomfortable mood.  As you would expect husbands, when the wives are in this emotional / physical state, your opinions do not count for much.  Thankfully, I was able to keep her somewhat at ease and distracted in the tub to avoid receiving an epidural.  Right on schedule, Jenny arrived and brought the calm confident presence my wife needed and enabled us to begin working our plan. Consistent with my personality, I took lead in physically facilitating my wife through the sequence of activity with the birthing ball being the single most important asset at our disposal.  Here is where having Jenny in the room was essential.  She not only helped sustain the right focus and calmness with my wife, but subtly kept me on track and confident in what the three of us were accomplishing.  Several times during the birthing process, she introduced all natural methods that kept the room peaceful and yet seemed to be unique and special just for us.  Jenny was extremely well received by the medical staff and had the presence of a seasoned professional when at times we needed to challenge a medical suggestion. Bottom line, without Jenny being part of our birthing team, my wife and son would not have had the beautiful, safe and natural experience that words cannot express.  We would have endured several interventions and surgery, given the minor complications we learned of afterwords, which have naturally been resolved.  Having a better understanding of the birthing experience, I look at all the possible scenarios, associated risks, fear and financial costs.  With all of this in consideration, the investment engaging a doula and more important Jenny, is an easy decision that anyone could make and one my wife and I intend for our 2nd child whenever that happens.”  – David W., Santa Rosa Beach, FL