Being invited into the birth space of a family is a tremendous honor and a gift that I treasure dearly – it is my desire to provide you and your partner with the support necessary to make your pregnancy and birth a positive and joyous experience. During our journey I can assist you in discovering what kind of birth you want and doing everything we can to make it a reality. My mission is to lead you to trust and tune in to your body’s God-given abilities. I am committed to serving you with compassion, love and gentleness in hopes that my work would be of eternal significance.

Informational Support:
My first role as your Doula is to support you in the birth process – to help you find your voice and advocate for the birth that you want by encouraging open communication between you and your team of medical care providers. We do this through pre-natal education, creating a birth plan, and giving unbiased, evidence-based information throughout the birth process and working harmoniously with you and your team of medical care providers to help reach your birth goals.

Physical Support:
Being your Doula is more than just advocating for your wishes – my second role is to get you through labor as comfortably as we can. My goal is to minimize your discomforts, making the birth a joyful more positive experience. I accomplish this by offering labor massage throughout the birth. Massage helps the body to relax, but most importantly, it facilitates circulation, which allows for proper hormone distribution, including endorphins (nature’s painkillers) and oxytocin. Having a licensed, confident, experienced practitioner by your side can also ease your partner’s fears, which will allow a more active, comfortable and supportive role. Between soothing massage techniques, tranquil music, aromatherapy and a relaxed body, mind and spirit, the labor process will be over before you know it.

Emotional Support:
My third role is to support you emotionally – as a mother myself, I empathize and sympathize with the full gamut of emotions, the roller-coaster highs and lows of the entire process, up to and including immediate post-partum. I know exactly what it’s like, what feels good, what works and what doesn’t. Birth is an emotionally charged experience for you, your partner and your baby – I understand those emotions and can help you and your birth team navigate through them.

Spiritual Support:
For many, birth can be a spiritual journey (it was for me). Attuning my spirit to be sensitive to your needs as they arise is an integral part of our journey together. I rely heavily on the leading of the Holy Spirit to give me the discernment necessary to be able to serve you as best I can, trusting on His strength and guidance to see us through the miracle of life, your birth.

It is never too early or too late to hire me as your doula. However, choosing me as your doula early on will ensure availability. In order for me to be the best doula I can be for my clients, I limit the number of births I accept per month.

Check availability and let’s schedule a consultation.  Packages start at $250.